Payment methods

Payment methods



The SimplePay Online Payment System is developed and operated by OTP Mobil Kft. OTP Mobil Kft. Is a member of the OTP Group. OTP Mobil Kft. Has an extensive service portfolio in the field of electronic and smart device-based commerce. Its products can be found on the market under the Simple brand name.

SimplePay Online Payment System: Customers using the service can choose SimplePay’s simple and secure payment solution for online purchases. You can then make your payment in the usual way on the SimplePay interface. The payment process is the same as the payment procedure offered by banks for a similar service. During the service, SimplePay constantly monitors the transactions of the user, thus the cardholder, and helps to prevent unexpected events. After entering the data requested in the case of ordering during online payment, the customer is transferred from the payment preparation page of the web store to the secure payment page of SimplePay, where the card data required for payment must be entered. The merchant is not aware of the data content of the SimplePay payment page, as it is an independent and protected website.

1. Clicking on the Payment” button will take you to the SimplePay payment page, where initiates the transaction by entering your credit card details.
2. After entering the card details, please check that the details are correct.
3. Transaction processing starts in the bank processing systems.
4. You will also be notified by e-mail about the result of the payment, and we will redirect you to provider


Attention! For Maestro and Visa Electron cards, the card’s use of the card is determined by the issuing bank. If authorized by the issuing bank, then our system can accept it.


2. Cash on delivery

It is also possible to select the traditional cash on delivery payment option at the time of purchase. At the GLS courier service, you can also pay the courier with a credit card upon receipt.

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